Samantha Sin

February 1st, 2008

Samantha Sin went to the shed..
And better she need to hide.
But gotcha! She was hardly tied,
Scared and really mad.

She is nice with this pussy mole,
She was going to rest at south,
But a gag in her pretty mouth,
And fat finger in her wet hole.

Oh, my helpless, poor pleading girl,
You are tied like a dirty pig,
And you know, this is infra dig!
Orgasms of roped and tortured doll.


AnnaBelle Lee

January 11th, 2008

Licking holes of mistress body,
Slut tied and whipped.
Bound in leather belts.
Pain is just smaterring..

Please don’t cry, there is nobody,
Sounds in air loving flip,
Thrilling essence slowly melts,
And pain is still smaterring…

Bend Over Bitch

January 9th, 2008

Sabrina Sparx with giggles and cheer,
Can’t go away too far.
So Master catch her, Sabrina feel fear,
He bends her over a bar.

Sabrina was tortured by bondage devices,
What happened then? Just take a look..
She like to be punished, shackled in vices,
Especially feeling the hook.


January 9th, 2008

Penny Flame like a real detective,
Want to know some information,
She was sexy and effective,
She was brutal, no salvation.

Twisted will and redhot passion,
Make her feeling of addictive.
And in thirst of mad coercion,
Penny cruelly fucked her victim.

Hollie Stevens

January 8th, 2008

She was in stress,
Looking for the right door,
Hollie now left a mess,
On the warehouse floor.

Pulled and torn dress,
Hollie was tied like a pig,
And was whipped her elastic ass,
Well, in common, she was in good fig.

Helpless and forced whore,
Hollie Stevens was,
The feelings you looking for,
In this moveless and weird pose.

The Training of Delilah Strong, Day Two

January 4th, 2008

It was second day of Delilah training
Start with sleep deprevation,
She was forced to run,
In the rising sun,
So, she was lucky it was not raining.

She was broken down, she was forced to suffer
Was in shatters her expectation,
She was sexy in act of coercion,
So become excited even fat old buffer.

Return of Sara Faye

January 4th, 2008

Thoroughly tied
She let things slide.

No place to hide,
She will be pleased.

Sara Faye tease,
Placed on her knees.

Andy San Dimas

January 4th, 2008

Flush, flush, flush,
Lash whipping flesh,

Flush, flush, flush,
Gain in the pain,

Flush, flush, flush,
There is now pain without pleasure, that destroy my world of ordinary.
Sweet punishment the way of giving full measure.

Gretchen Elvgren

January 3rd, 2008

Sex in the water, when you go down,
When you just drown, in love..
You don’t get yet?
Powerful jet gushing Gretchen above.

Her orgasms on top, and hardly ever,
Than never better late,
Bound and tied,
Legs open wide, moveless mermaid…


January 3rd, 2008

Here, in the dark of the silent tomb,
Where Wenona lies,
Fog and Fear in the air of the room,
And in her bottomless eyes.

Though she is glad of beeing here,
Voice in the trembling tone,
Don’t be afraid of wires, my dear,
Here you’re not alone.

Tortured and bound, you, dirty pork
Begging in crazy rave.
Silence! The Master will do his work,
Now you will feel the wave..